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Terms and conditions

OÜ Amizum, registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Estonia on 17 march 2015 with the registration number 12817048, VAT registration number EE101922760, registered address:  Majaka 26, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia, hereinafter - the AMI.


AMI provides the Customers and the providers of the tourism/event service providers with a booking platform. AMI is a technological internet tool between you and the tourism service provider, allowing you to discover and research the most beautiful and interesting places, events and activities in the world allowing you to visit and enjoy them. It also allows booking various training courses.


In information and the services on the AMI platform is available in English.


General terms and conditions of AMI



These general terms of business regulates the use of the AMI website at the moment you become the user.

The “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” of AMI regulate the mutual legal relationship with the Customer.


The terminology of terms and conditions:

  • Customer - any natural or legal entity in the world;
  • User - a customer who signs up or books a service on the domain;
  • Platform -, maintained by the AMI;
  • Service provider - a guide, instructor, hotel or accommodation, catering, entertainment venue, park, travel/tour operator and other natural or legal entities with the aim to accommodate, entertain or train Customers.


Contracts are concluded directly between the users and the service providers. AMI is not a contracting party between the Customer and the service provider and is not liable to the Customer or the service provider concerning the service provision and the customer’s payment for the service. The contractual relationship between the user and the AMI includes only the maintenance and provision of adequate information and the necessary data via the internet or the mobile application between the customer/user and the service provider. Nevertheless, the AMI shall care about the verification and reliability of the service provider.


1. Sign-in / Registration / Opening an account


1.1. Opening a user account

Before you book a service on website, you need to open a user account and register.

After the registration you will be required to enter personal information, which, if necessary, will be given to the service provider in the course of booking.


1.2. Right to register

Only natural entities may register. In case of a registration of a legal entity, the person who registers, must be authorised to perform these actions on the behalf of the legal entity.


1.3. Number of user accounts

You may register only one account per natural or legal entity. The user account may not be transferred.


1.4. Veracity of information

You must register with your true name and if necessary the information must be updated. You may not register with you pseudonym, nickname or as a fictitious person. AMI shall have the right to delete accounts containing false information about the user.

AMI shall not be liable if the booked service cannot be granted or other losses are incurred due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the user.


1.5. Communication

Upon booking a specific service, all booking and payment procedures, cancellations etc. must be checked by using specific forms developed by the AMI, to which you will receive links which will be sent to your e-mail by the AMI after the completion of reservation. Otherwise there may be difficulties to properly complete and conclude an agreement on the selected service. In such case the AMI shall not be liable.


You may contact the AMI in several ways:

- On the AMI website section Contact us:


-The message section of your account (if you are a registered user);

- Via telephone: +371 20032320.


Please, remember that you may ask all questions related to the specific service directly to the service provider by visiting the service offer page and clicking on “Ask a question”.


1.8. Not related offers

The tours and other services published on the are not related offers.


1.7. Booking process

1) Select the country, city and service on the middle column of the main page and click “Search”. The platform will select the current services. Use the filters at the top of the page to select the search results based on the language, date, price, rating and other criteria.

By clicking on “What’s Great Near You?” the site will select the best services near your location or the specified address.


2) If you have found the service you are interested in and read the service description, you can check the availability of the service by clicking on “Check Availability”. Select the date, time and language and enter the number of participants. Please, enter accurate and true information during the booking process.


3) By clicking on “Book Now” the selected service will be placed in the “Shopping Cart” from where you can make your purchase. This step shall be deemed your order.


4) Confirm your order- Confirm - and move to the next step - Pay. Booking and service will only be provided by prepayment.


1.8. Obligations prescribed by the order

You shall be bound by your order for 24 hours. The time is estimated based on the time zone of the service provider.


1.9. Booking confirmation

After ordering you will receive two e-mails:

  • Immediately after the booking we will send you a report confirming that we have received your order and payment. Please, be aware that the report does not mean that the order has been confirmed, the confirmation will be sent by another e-mail.
  • As soon as the booked event will be confirmed by the service provider, you will receive a voucher. If you have selected regular service (which regularly takes place at a specific place and time - for example, tours), you will receive a voucher immediately after the order is made. If the selected service requires the confirmation of the service provider, the e-mail will be sent within 24 hours after the booking is confirmed.


If you have not received the e-mail within 24 hours, please, contact us.

We recommend to keep the report and the voucher, as they contain important information about the service, for example, meeting place, time, contacts of the service provider.

You can find your receipt and voucher at the AMI website in the Orders section of your profile.


1.10. Booking payment

You may pay for your booking by VISA or MasterCard.

You can use AMI currency list (EUR, USD, AUD, BGN, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, CZK, DKK, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, IDR, ILS, INR, JPY, KRW, MXN, MYR, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, ZAR) as informative material to see the cost of the service. All the payments made from your bank account to AMI, will be converted to Euros, according to VISA and MASTER CARD exchange rates.

Please note that the service payment amount upon booking shall be withheld until the moment the service provider confirms the reservation and only then the funds will be withdrawn from your card.

If the service provider fails to confirm your order within 24 hours, the withheld amount will be available on your card.

After the confirmation of the booking an agreement between you and the service provider shall come into effect. The payment for the booked service shall be charged to your credit card or bank account. If the service provider fails to confirm your order, the agreement between you and the service provider shall not enter into force. The AMI shall inform you whether your request has been confirmed or rejected via email within 24 hours.

The service provider shall provide the agreed services in their name and from their account with liability obligation to you.


1.13. Communication with the service provider

The service provider shall use their service booking information, as well as another communication with the user on the AMI website. Thus, your account information must be true and up to date and you must regularly check the e-mail specified in the user account.


1.14. Cancellation

If you need to cancel the booking, please contact AMI via e-mail - or via telephone +371 20032320.




2. Review system

2.1. Review system

Selecting the service, you have the opportunity to review your booking by using the AMI review system. The purpose of the AMI review system is to provide meaningful and accurate review of profile and service provider reliability. The relevant information will be sent to your e-mail after the completion of the service.


2.2. True and accurate assessment

It is your responsibility to provide only accurate and true statements. Inaccurate, meaningless and offensive comments will be deleted. The AMI reserves the right to delete these opinions without further explanations. The AMI reserves the right to deny you further access to the AMI platform and to delete your account. The AMI and the affected service providers shall have the right to further legal action, including raising claims for the damages done.


3. Form "Ask a question"


3.1. Questions to the service provider

Each service has a specific form for asking questions. This form is intended to facilitate communication between you and the service provider, to clarify the information about the offer. You can ask specific questions about the services and the service provider will provide the answers.


3.2. Unauthorised questions and messages

The form is not intended for concluding contracts or cancelling the booking. Such actions shall not be deemed a legal solution. In these cases the relevant AMI forms must be used.


3.3. Penalties

AMI has the right to delete questions and comments that are not relevant to the service without a prior warning and to close the user’s account.


4. Direct messages


4.1. Personal messages

The aim of the direct messages is exchange of information which is not intended for public knowledge between you and the service provider.


4.2. Content of direct messages

The direct messages are intended solely to obtain information about the service and its performance. You may not ask any personal questions or questions unrelated to the services. The direct messages are not intended for concluding contracts or cancelling the booking. Such actions shall not be deemed a legal solution. In these cases the relevant AMI forms must be used.


4.3. Right of AMI to perform checks and impose penalties

The AMI shall have the undisputed right to check the direct messages and to delete messages that do not comply with these rules. The AMI may close the user’s account based on the above rules.


5. Legal relationship with AMI


5.1. AMI position

The AMI provides this booking platform to allow you to come into direct contact with the service provider and make a booking. The agreement which refers to the booked service shall exist solely between you and the service provider. The AMI is not a contracting party to the booked service. The AMI acts only as a technological internet tool between you and the service provider, allowing you to discover and research the most beautiful and interesting places in the world allowing you to visit and enjoy them.


5.2. Your liability

You shall be liable for any damages caused to the AMI. You shall be liable for your messages in the sections “Questions”, “Direct messages” and “Reviews”, as well as your contractual obligations to the service provider.


5.3. AMI liability

The AMI shall be liable only for significant breaches of the contractual obligations and gross negligence. Significant breaches shall be breaches of provisions on which the user may rely but which have not been adequately met. Gross negligence shall be cases when the AMI has consciously violated the contractual relationship with the user.

 The AMI shall not be liable for ordinary negligence, unauthorised persons and the services offered if the offer has been made by unauthorised persons.

AMI shall not be liable for damages caused by computer viruses, spyware and other damages caused by software or its use or the internet connection hubs and their security.


5.4. Amendments of these general terms and conditions

AMI may amend these General terms and conditions at any time without previous notice. Each booking shall be regulated by the current Terms and conditions in force. The User is not guaranteed to receive future bookings with the same terms.


If you are not a registered user and have not made a booking you are subject to General terms and conditions.


5.5. Applicable law

The legal relationship with the AMI are exclusively regulated by the provisions of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. Riga has exclusive jurisdiction.



AMI terms of use


This platform, including its subsites, text, images, video, software, products, services and other informative content published on the platform, together referred to as the “Platform”, is provided and maintained by OÜ Amizum, registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Estonia with the registration number 12817048, VAT registration number EE101922760,  Majaka 26, 11412, Tallinn, Estonia, hereinafter, the AMI.

You may contact us via e-mail ( or telephone: +371 20032320.


The booking on our platform is legally regulated by the General terms and conditions, the General terms of conditions for service providers and these AMI terms of use.


  1. Application of these terms of use

These terms of use (“Terms of use”) together with our privacy policy (“Privacy policy”) shall be applied to the use of the Platform as the regulatory terms of the booking platform use. The visitors of the Platform (“Users” or “you”) may use the Platform only if you accept the Terms of use and understand the Privacy policy. Any further use of the Platform or its sections shall mean that you understand the Terms of use and the Privacy policy and that you agree to be bound be all sections of the Terms of use.


  1. No offer

The information on the Platform are intended for general information. The information on the Platform shall not constitute any legal obligations to the AMI. Binding contracts with the service providers available at the Platform shall require a booking request via the platform and the service provider must confirm the booking in accordance with the General terms and conditions.


  1. Reliability of the information and the online environment

AMI is striving to ensure that the information provided on the Platform is correct, however, we cannot provide any direct or implied guarantees regarding the correctness, completeness, directness, reliability or fitness of the information to any purpose or any other guarantees (including the information provided by the third parties). We may change, add or delete information, its structure and functions on the Platform at any time at our own discretion without special notification about such changes, without removing the old information or describing its nature. We may block the User’s access to the Platform of parts thereof or require specific conditions to be met necessary for such access. We provide no direct or implied guarantees regarding the accessibility of the Platform or its functions or that the Platform or its infrastructure has no defects, viruses or malware. In addition, we do not guarantee that the information available on the Platform has not been changed due to technical defects or by unauthorised third parties.


  1. Limitation of liability

We limit our liability and the liability of our agents, independent service providers, our and their employees and officials regarding the losses related to you access (or inability to access) the Platform or any faults or omissions, or results obtained in the course of the use of the Platform regardless of the legal basis of such liability, except for liability for damages caused intentionally or through serious negligence and insofar as provided by the applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Third party content, links to other internet sites

We create the Platform by verifying the reality and existence and of the service providers or advertisers and the level of credibility with which we check the information provided. However, we cannot assume full responsibility about the content provided in third party services or advertisements, including any activities available for booking and information related to such activities available by using the Platform and the content related or connected to the Platform. If we publish a link to a third party website, you may use this site by taking full liability for such usage. We recommend that you read the policies of these websites and consider how these sites may handle your personal data. If you believe that our Platform contains illegal content, please, e-mail us to


  1. Intellectual property rights

Just like between you and us, the Platform is and shall be protected by copyright and/or any other intellectual property rights, including protection against unfair competition. By using the Platform you may not obtain the rights or benefits to any names, trades names and distinctive marks (including trademarks), published on the Platform. You may only access and view the Platform, but not include it in other websites, you may not copy, present, licence, publish, download, upload, send or make it visible in any other way without our prior written consent.


  1. Amendments to the terms of use

We may change these terms of use at any time and with immediate effect. If we make changes, they shall enter into force at the moment they are published on the Platform. We hope that you will regularly check this section to make sure that you are aware of the applicable Terms of use. Any further use of the Platform with these changes means that you agree to the amendments.


  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms of use and any disputes arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, and will be dealt with in the relevant jurisdiction, ensuring our right to bring an action against the Users regarding intellectual property violations before any court.