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Paraty Wilderness 8 Day Trekking from Rio de Janeiro

The beautiful small colonial town of Paraty lies 200km south of the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Set amid many peninsulas and secluded beaches, composed of jungle-covered steep mountains, forming an island-studded bay, Paraty is one of Brazil’s most appealing destinations. The center of the city preserves its countless architectural charms, with well preserved old buildings. The irregular cobblestone streets are closed to motor vehicles, creating an athmosphere that makes you travel back in time. During the 18th century, the port of Paraty was an important outlet for gold and precious stones brought from Minas Gerais to be shipped to Portugal. However, constant pirate assaults, who took refuge in the beaches and islands around, led the gold route to become unused, resulting in a great economic isolation for years to come. Among a lush remnant of Atlantic rainforest, dozens of pristine beaches are within a couple of hours from Paraty city center. The area comprises the Bocaina National Park, the Environmental Protection Area of Cairuçu, the Joatinga Natural Reserve and last but not least the Serra do Mar State Park, all places of rare beauty. Therefore, Paraty is surrounded everywhere by protected luscious Atlantic rainforest.

These are good reasons (but not the only ones) why everyone should venture into this magnific experience. We present you an 8-days trekking program around the peninsulas and beaches, crossing Saco do Mamanguá, the one and only Brazilian Fjord, trekking and kayaking, visiting local fishermen communities and experiencing their food and lifestyle. The adventure begins in the indigenous village of Paraty-Mirim, with a steep trail to reach the other side of the mountain, the Fjord's shore. Spend the night in a beach-and-jungle ecolodge to undertake the kaykaing challenge in the morning. Paddle across the Fjord so we can move towards to the isolated beaches on the other side. Hike up the highest hill and admire the Fjord from above, then move on to the next beach, and the next, and so on. Don't hesitate in jumping into the many waterfall-lakes and rivers that we'll cross, but please consider: the next attraction might be as fantastic as the current one. During the journey, overnights will be in the fishermen villages, on their house-lodging facilities. The last night will be in the famous Praia do Sono (Sleepy beach) named this way because you feel invited to rest and chill. The last day is a free day in Paraty village to get to know its charms.

Day 1: From Rio de Janeiro to Paraty's jungle

Our transfer will take you to the city of Paraty, which is located aproximately 3 hours away from Rio de Janeiro. Once the road reaches the shore, the views are fantastic and you won't even notice the time passing. When in Paraty, we move further to the indigenous village of Paraty-Mirim, where we start our hike to Saco do Mamanguá, the jungle covered fjord. It's a steep hike until we reach the top and start the descent to the fjord's shore. Strange as it may sound, dinner will be in an ecolodge that is in the jungle but has a private beach.

Hiking distance: ~6 km
Meals included: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: The Brazilian Fjord

After the overnight in the ecolodge, it's time to paddle. Jump into the kayaks so we can visit the waterfall and move on to the other side of the fjord to a fisherman's lodge where we'll stay for the night. Then, have lunch and hit the trail. We are going to the top of the highest hill, so we can admire the fjord from above.

Hiking distance: ~6km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: To the secluded beaches we go

After breakfast, it's time to overcome another steep mountain so we can reach the secluded beaches facing the open sea. We'll visit and pass by many fishermen villages during this day like Itaoca, Calhaus and Panema. It's a long but very interesting hike. Our base for the night will be at Pouso da Cajaíba beach, where we'll have a local cocktail and maybe some dancing!

Hiking distance: ~7 km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Yet another paradise

This day reserves a lot of surprises. We'll visit two of the most secluded beaches in the region. First one is the famous Martins de Sá, the surfers paradise, just around one hour and half hike from Pouso da Cajaíba. Enjoy the beach and have lunch, so we can move on to the waterfall and Cairuçu beach, our night base. Cairuçu is a totally isolated beach, yet very charming. We'll be received by the fishermen's community and have dinner with them.

Hiking distance: ~10 km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: From Cairuçu to Ponta Negra beach

Spend the day enjoying the Cairuçu beach jacuzzi fueled with fresh river water. After lunch, this is the day we hike up the steep hill to reach Ponta Negra beach, a very famous fishermen village with many houses. That's our base for the night!

Hiking distance: ~6 km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: The ocean waterfall

A unique rock formation combined with a singular water stream forms a stunning waterfall pool. By the ocean, on the rocky coast, lies the Saco Bravo waterfall. A couple of hours hiking from Ponta Negra beach and we'll be able to spend the day on this lost piece of paradise. Then we'll return to Ponta Negra and have a Caiçara lunch, pack up and hit the trail to visit the paradisiacal beaches of Antigos e Antiguinhos before reaching our final destination Praia do Sono village. Praia do Sono is the main village of the region and also the most famous one. It consists of a long beautiful beach and a village built above the sand and conserves the spirit of the caiçara people, influenced by the surf culture.

Hiking distance: ~11 km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Praia do Sono beach

This place is magical! The good energy produced by the coexistence of Caiçaras, Indigenous, Surfers and so many other easy going people is concentrated in this place. Praia do Sono means sleepy beach, due to the feeling that it invites you for a nap on the sand. Feel free to try that, but consider hiking half an hour to the village's waterfall and jump into its fresh clear water! On the end of the day we'll make our way to Laranjeiras village to board the transfer and go back to Paraty.

Hiking distance: ~4 km
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Free day in Paraty and return to Rio de Janeiro

This is the chillin' day in the cozy village of Paraty. Take a walk around the uneven cobblestone streets and admire the 18th century architecture. It feels like you're going back in time. Try the local drink Cachaça, a very strong drink distilled from sugar cane. Visit the art galleries and have luch in internationally renowned restaurants. In the end of the day, we'll board the transfer back to Rio de Janeiro.

Meals included: Breakfast

What's included

  • Leader specialized in long-course hikes and trained with first-aid fundamentals
  • Guided Paraty Wilderness Trekking
  • Receptive and transfer in Rio de Janeiro to Paraty at day 1
  • Transfer in Paraty to Rio de Janeiro at the last expedition day
  • Transfers for all described tours
  • All access fees
  • Overnights at fishermen's house lodges
  • Meals during the trekking (breakfast / trail snack / dinner)
  • Travel insurance (hospital expenses up to 5.000 BRL)
  • Gear purchasing advisory before departure (at your disposal)

What's not included

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in inclusions
  • Medications of personal use
  • Gratuities and donations
  • Any item not described as included

Important information

If you're not in a supported zone for pick up, we will forward you to the nearest supported location.

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