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Frequently Asked Questions.

General questions.

-Which languages are available for your services?

Services at our platform are available in many world languages. You may choose the language of services in language menu.

-Which languages there are available for Amitrips platform?

Information and choice of products for Amitrips platform is available in English.

Reservation procedure.

-How could I find the service I’m interested in at Amitrips platform?

There are several ways how to find a service at Amitrips platform.

In menu at the middle of homepage choose the country, city and service and press „Search”. The portal will choose current services. Using the filters at the top of page, you may select the search results on language, date, price, rating and other criteria.

Press the button „What’s Great Near You?” and the portal will select the topical service nearby your current place of location or your stated address.

-How could I make a reservation for a service I’m interested in?

If you have found the service you are interested in and acquainted with service description, you may reserve it by pressing the „Check Availability” button. Choose the date, time and language suitable for you and fill-in the list of participants. Press the button „Book now” and your reserved service will be placed in „Shopping chart”, where you could make a payment for purchase.

- How a reservation is being confirmed at Amitrips platform?

After the order you will receive two e-mail letters:

  1. Immediately after a reservation we will send you a report confirming that we have received your order and payment. Please note that receipt of report doesn’t mean a confirmation of the event, it will be sent in the second e-mail.

  2. Voucher will be sent to you immediately after the event of your choice is confirmed. If you have chosen the event with Instant Confirmation, you will receive Voucher immediately after making the order. If a service you have chosen requires confirmation from a service provider, an e-mail will be sent within 24 hours after a reservation is confirmed.

If you received no e-mail for more than 24 hours, please contact us.

A Voucher shall be kept as long as you have to bring it to the service provider together with personal identification document. Voucher also contains important information about the event, e.g. meeting place and time, contact information of service provider.

You may find your check and vouchers at Orders section of your profile at Amitrips .

-What is a Mobile Voucher?

Mobile Voucher means that it is not necessary to printout a Voucher and you may show a confirmation coupon to service provider on your smartphone.

-Can I cancel my reservation and get my money back?

Yes you can cancel the ordered service. Money-back conditions are described in service description page.

-Are there any risk? What happens if service provider refuses the service you have paid for?

Amitrips is working with reliable and certified service providers only. We guarantee that you will receive the service you have paid for. In case if service provider for some reason is unable to provide the service you have reserved and the service was not provided, Amitrips proposes a similar service or returns all the money for a service you have paid for.

-How reliable service providers are?

Amitrips is working with reliable and proven service providers only. We are maintaining close business relations with our partners and participating in improvement of service quality together.

-How could I change information when I’ve finished reservation?

If you need to make any changes in reserved service, for example, to delete a participant, change the date and place of service, or edit contact information, please contact Amitrips by e-mail: from website letter section or via telephone: +371 20032320.

If you need to delete a participant, change the date and place of service, we need to contact a service provider to make sure they could keep up with changes. If you need to change contact information only, employees of Amitrips website can do that.

Please note that some service providers cannot change the confirmed reservation date or time. Any unusual paybacks or „Cancellation policies” are stated by service provider on event description page.

-What do I need to take along when attending the purchased event?

You have to take along a copy of Voucher. All the local service providers accept printout copies, but some local service providers accept also Vouchers, screened on your smartphone – Mobile Voucher. You also need to take along personal identification document with a picture of service recipient, name and surname identical to the coupon. In some events every service recipient will have to show his personal identification document, but it is going to be stated in a coupon.

At some events it could be necessary or recommended to take along your driver’s licence for example, or raingear, a bottle of water, swim-wear etc. for your comfort or safety. Please check both of your coupons and service details on the page you offered a specific service.


-What types of payments are available at Amitrips platform?

You can pay for the service of your interest with VISA or Master banking cards.

-In which currency I could pay for my order?

You can find service prices in the currency of your choice, choosing it from a list of currencies at Amitrips website, but the payment for your order is being made in currency chosen by the service provider. Prices shown on website could be a little different in comparison with amounts retained from your account when you are paying for a service due to currency conversion. Conversion of currency is made according to the exchange rate accepted by your bank.

-Are there any security guarantees regarding payments at Amitrips platform?

When you are making payments at Amitrips website, security of your data is being ensured by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. Website transactions and confidentiality of your data is being secured by The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Please note that payment amount for the service is being reserved up to the moment when service provider confirms reservation and only after that the amount will be charged from your card.

In case if service provider gives no confirmation of order within 24 hours, reservation of the amount is cancelled and reserved amount is available on your card.

Please note that weekends are not working hours for some service providers, so the confirmation on weekends could take a little more time.

-How long do I have to wait for service voucher after I have paid for a service?

It depends on your service. Some services are being confirmed automatically after you have reserved a service. Most of services at Amitrips website require manual confirmation by a service provider. These services are being confirmed within 24 hours.


-What is a score and a feedback?

Score and feedback is a review from clients who had used a service. After your service is finished you will receive a letter at your profile and e-mail with a link for you to be able to share your impressions about the service provider. Sending of feedback and score is not required, but doing this you can help other prospective customers to make a decision. Please note that a feedback message should provide information just about the service and service provider, not about the reservation procedure at Amitrips website and website services.

-How can I give a score or send feedback about the event I have attended?

After your service is finished you will receive a letter at your profile and e-mail with a link for you to be able to share your impressions and experience about the event you have attended. You may also share some additional useful information.

Amitrips website reserves a right to delete feedback singlehandedly for the following reasons:

-feedback contains offensive language, racism, religious discrimination etc.;

- feedback contains advertising, spam or links to other websites;

- feedback contains information about reservation procedure or services of Amitrips website;

- feedback is targeted at destruction of reputation of tourism operator;

-feedback is targeted at different service and different reservation;

-if customer made a mistake (e.g. feedback was positive, but the scoring is negative) and he asked to correct or delete feedback or score in writing.


-How can I contact Amitrips?

You may contact Amitrips in multiple ways.

-At Amitrips website Contact us: www.;

-by E-mail:;

-At letters section of your profile at Amitrips;

-By phone: +371 20032320.

Please note that you can ask service provider questions regarding the specific service directly by visiting a service offer page and pressing the„Ask a question” button.