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Mount Roraima 9 Day Trekking from Boa Vista

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Mount Roraima is located on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, being one of the main adventure destinations in South America. It is a tepuy, a type of mountainous formation in table format very characteristic of the plateau of the Guyanas. Bordered by cliffs of about 1.000 m high, its plateau presents a totally different environment when compared to the rain forest and to the savannah that stretches at its feet. The summit is known by many as 'The Lost World'. This region is protected in Venezuelan territory by the Canaima National Park and in Brazil by the Monte Roraima National Park. The summit rises in the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, causing the altitude of Monte Roraima to reach 2.810 m of altitude. The second highest point of the mountain measures 2.772 m and is located north of the plateau, in Guyanese territory, near the triple border. The ascent to the imposing Mount Roraima is a must to every hiker and a 7-day trekking is the minimum required. Its unique formation, its mysteries, its stories and the unique experience necessary to conquer Mount Roraima make this expedition one of the most beautiful trekkings in the world. A complete beautiful trekking at the South American Lost World.

Day 1: Boa Vista (Brazil) - Santa Helena (Venezuela)

The group will meet at the Boa Vista (Brazil) airport and then depart directly towards the city of Santa Helena de Uarén (Venezuela), in a journey of approximately 3 hours. Arriving in Santa Helena we will meet with our trekking guides, where a briefing will be made of the expedition to Mount Roraima, and then we will rest in a hostel.

Hiking distance: n/a
Overnight mode: Hotel

Day 2: Santa Elena - Paratepuy (4x4) - Tek's River Camping

We will leave from the city of Santa Elena until Paratepuy in a route of approximately 90km in 4x4 transport, where we will begin our approaching walk, going up to the Tek River, where we will have our first camp, always overlooking the imposing Mount Roraima and the Kukenan.

Hiking distance: 14 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Tek's River Camp - Roraima Base Camp

On the third day, after an enhanced breakfast, we will leave for the base camp, cross the Kukenan river, where we will stop for a refreshing bath. It is very important to hydrate during the trail due to the strong heat, because we will trek about 6 hours in the sun with a strong ascent.

Hiking distance: 09 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Roraima Base Camp - Top of Mount Roraima

The most awaited day of our climb to Monte Roraima, we will have a more technical stretch. Time to be very careful when you reach the Valley of Tears because of the loose stones. In the middle of the trekking we will have a privileged view to the Venezuela' savannah besides seeing all the way traveled by the group.

Hiking distance: 04 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Jacuzzi, Abismo, La Ventana and Salto Catedral

We will know the top of Mount Roraima, passing through the Jacuzzis, Valley of the Crystals, Triple Point, La Ventana, the Cave, El Moat, among other natural attractions, not to mention the endless rocks of all possible shapes and the famous Roraima little frogs, magic of the Mount Roraima summit.

Hiking distance: 07 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6: Triple Border, El Fosso and Crystals Valley

Another day at the top of Mount Roraima, strolling through the main attractions of the Lost World like the Brazil, Venezuela and Guiana Triple Border, and much other summit points of interest.

Hiking distance: 12 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7: Top of Mount Roraima - Tek's Camp

Our adventure has not yet come to an end, as we will have to descend Roraima's summit. On this day we will walk a lot. After breakfast, we start the trekking back. It will be 14km of walk to the Tek River, where again we will be careful with the loose stones. We will stop at the base camp for a light lunch and proceed to our goal of the day.

Hiking distance: 15 km
Overnight mode: Camping
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8: Tek's Camp - Paraytepuy - Santa Elena (4x4)

We will start the saddest day of our trip, it is time to go home. Do not let the tiredness beat you, always stay close to the group, because everyone will be tired. On the way back to Paratepuy, the guards will briefly scan our backpacks, as it is forbidden to carry anything from the mountain. After we pack our things in the 4x4 car, we will make a stop for a very special lunch, in a village named San Francisco where we can buy souvenirs form the Lost World. Arriving in St. Elena, we will overnight in hotel celebrating the end of our gerat trekking trip!

Hiking distance: 12 km
Overnight mode: Hotel
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 9: Santa Elena - Boa Vista Airport (Brazil)

It's time to say goodbye. We will transfer from Santa Elena to Boa Vista (Brasil) Airport and the great expedition to the Lost World of Mount Roraima  will finsh at the airport.

Hiking distance: n/a
Overnight mode: n/a
Meals included: Breakfast

What's included

  • Receptive and transfer in Boa Vista airport (Brazil) to Santa Elena (Venezuela) at day 1
  • 2 nights lodging in St Elena with breakfast
  • 4x4 transfer to Paraitepuy
  • Guided expedition to Mount Roraima
  • Leader specialized in long-course hikes and trained with first-aid fundamentals
  • Carriers (Sherpas) for tents and food
  • Full mountain meals during trekking: breakfast, lunch and dinner (cooking service included)
  • Camping tents (2-person shared)
  • Farewell lunch in San Francisco on day 8
  • Gear purchasing advisory before departure (at your disposal)
  • SpotGen3 satelite remote tracking and monitoring

What's not included

  • Permission to enter Paratepuy (payment per person in loco around 5 BRL)
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in inclusions
  • Medications of personal use
  • Gratuities and donations
  • Any item not described as included

Meeting point

Boa Vista International Airport (BVB), Brazil

From EUR 1212 per group

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